Davinci Resolve Lite

So, there used to be a version of Resolve called DaVinci Resolve Lite. Now when you look for it it’s just not there anymore.

Where Did DaVinci Resolve Lite Go?

Recently, Blackmagic Design changed the naming system of DaVinci Resolve.

The pricing is still the same, we just have a new name.

Forget about the naming for a minute. Davinci Resolve has two main versions, a free and a paid one. The free one is a fully capable software, where you can export footage up to 4K, and use as many nodes and correctors as you need.

The paid version adds some extra features, like the ability to de-noise your footage, use multiple GPUs and export footage in higher resolution than 4K.

The free version used to be called DaVinci Resolve Lite, and the paid version was just DaVinci Resolve. However, the names are now changed, where the free version is called DaVinci Resolve (without the word Lite), and the paid version is called DaVinci Resolve Studio.

I think Blackmagic Design changed the naming system because there is nothing “Lite” about the free version of Resolve. It’s the most powerful color grading system in the world, and it recently became one of the best editing environments as well. So they simply had to remove the “Lite”. But Resolve is still the same.