What is Learn Color Grading?

LCG is a free video-based color grading, and color correction resource for filmmakers. We have beginner, intermediate and advanced free tutorials.
We cover the very basics (like, what’s color grading?), all the way to advanced topics such as tracking and keyframing. We also have a blog were you can find the latest DaVinci Resolve tutorials and training.

Hi, I’m Alex Jordan

I’m the founder of LearnColorGrading.com and FilmSimplified.com.

I’m a DP, colorist and editor. I worked with global companies such as Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Mars. I’m passionate about color grading filmmaking and teaching. I enjoy turning complex topics into easy to digest info.

Alex has one of the absolute best online courses that you will find anywhere

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Your tutorials are AWESOME!


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