I work with lots of staring filmmakers, and I noticed a very interesting pattern.

They almost always start with the color wheels right away even if there are other tools in Resolve that might be more suitable for the shot they are working on.

A very small minority of starting filmmakers seem to be interested in using the effects below the color wheels, even though these are some of the most important and powerful effects in Resolve.

Well…it’s because these effects are not flashy.
Unlike the color wheels for example, these underrated (yet very powerful) effects don’t look very visually interesting and it’s easy to overlook them.

That’s why I created this tutorial…to show you why, how and when to use these unassuming, yet super important, controls.

The controls are divided into 2 pages, where every page hosts a certain set of controls.

1. The Contrast controller

Contrast simply pushes the bright objects in the shot to become brighter, and the dark objects to become darker .

2. The Pivot Point Controller

This controller sets the brightness point in the image that the contrast controller uses, in order to determine what is considered bright and what is considered dark, in order to make the bright parts brighter and the dark objects darker.
It sounds complicated. That’s why I included an easy to understand example in the tutorial.

3. The Saturation Controller

This simply controls the prominence of colors in the image.

4. The Temperature controller

Pulling this controller to the left, will make the image look warmer, and pulling it to the left will make the image look cooler.

5. The Tint controller

This controller balances the levels of green and magenta in the image. Remember, green and magenta are opposite colors, which means that by reducing green, you automatically increase magenta and vice versa.

6. Color Boost

The color boost controller mixes the original colors of the image, with the new colors after changing the temperature and tint controllers.

7. Shadows Recovery Controller

8. Highlights Recovery Controller

These last 2 controllers allow you to recover information in highlights and shadows, that were lost due to contrast adjustment.

In the video I explain all these controls with easy to understand examples.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.