The introduction of the new Pocket Cinema Camera 6K by BlackMagic Design, started a whole new debate about whether a 6K camera is worth it or not.

This brings us to a fundamental questions which I know a lot of beginners don’t know the answer to.

What exactly is a K?
What’s 4K?
What’s 8K?

This is exactly what I’m going to answer in this video with the aid of my amazing drawing skills 🙂

4K is a measurement of resolution, whether we are talking about a camera sensor or a TV.

4K Camera Sensors

A camera sensor is a collection of photosites, where every single photosite analyzes the power of light hitting it. And the camera gathers the info from all the photosites to recreate the final image.

A 4K camera simply means that it’s sensor has around 4,000 photisites lined horizontally.

4K TV’s

The same applies to TV’s. However instead of photosites, we have pixels. Where a TV pixel emits light instead of analyzing light.